doc iconSubject: =?koi8-r?B?7cHsipfMwcTJzcnSz9fJ3iDz1czJzc/XOiAi8sXWydPTxdIgzsHFxA==?= =?koi8-r?B?yc7Finmg0NjF08/KIg==?= Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 02: 01: 39 +0400 mime-ver
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doc iconPsychologist & Psychotherapist
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Работа с Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Популярный сюжет: смерть кого-то из близких.
Популярный сюжет: человек устал, набегался за день.
Оригинальные сюжеты
doc iconCollections Manager, Herbarium
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Adjunct Positions
Funding received
Editorial positions
Reviewer for scientific journals (recent years, only)
doc iconNoaa coral Reef Ecosystem Integrated Observing System (creios): a collaborative Ecosystem-Based Observing System
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Meeting Managers’ Needs
doc iconDavid J. Maxwell
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TEACHING EXPERIENCE (currently at Southern Utah University)
Teaching & research interest
Selected grants, contracts & agreements
Selected presentations
doc iconIncised valley fills in the lower part of the
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Stratigraphic setting
Incised valley fills in the lower part of the preview 1 Incised valley fills in the lower part of the preview 2
doc iconAssociate Clinical Professor, School of Nursing
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Professional appointments
Honors, distinctions, awards and appointments
Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers
Outstanding Faculty Partner Award
doc iconBirth Date: November 6, 1956
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doc iconThe Idea and the Failure of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Indonesia’
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doc icon2012 Historical Justice and Memory Conference bios 10-02-2012
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doc iconRedbird collection
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doc iconBack to the bison: the confederated salish & preview Back to the bison: the confederated salish &
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doc iconOffice: Department of Anthropology 607 South Mathews
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doc iconMary Elizabeth (Beth) Mancini, rn, PhD, ne-bc, faan
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doc iconEstudios hebreos y arameos
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