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We have traditionally honored the Top 5% of the Senior Class at the Commencement ceremony, and we will continue to do so. This is truly an accomplishment for students to reach this pinnacle of academic success. In an effort to recognize the high level of achievement of the Senior Class, we will be expanding our senior recognition to include more students who are excelling at high academic levels. In addition to the Top 5%, we will be recognizing the following distinctions in the Commencement Booklet:

Summa cum laude: The student maintains a 4.0 or higher Grade Point Average, earns an Academic Diploma with Honors or Career-Technical Diploma with Honors.

Magna cum laude: The student maintains a 3.85 to a 3.99 Grade Point Average, earns an Academic Diploma with Honors or Career-Technical Diploma with Honors.

Cum laude: The student maintains a 3.70 to a 3.84 Grade Point Average, earns an Academic Diploma with Honors or Career-Technical Diploma with Honors.


Ohio Graduation Tests

The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) is ONE state requirement for all students, including transfer students, who plan to graduate. The Ohio legislature has established the graduation test in the areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science, Writing and Social Studies. The Ohio Department of Education develops the tests, determines the criteria for passing, scores the tests, and reports scores to each high school. Students must pass ALL five sections of the OGT to meet this graduation requirement.

The OGT will be given in the spring of the student’s sophomore year. Portions of the test in which the student is not proficient will be retaken in the fall and spring of the junior year and again in the fall and spring of the senior year, if necessary.

The Strongsville staff will provide intervention to any student failing one or more portions of the test. This assistance may include independent study assignments, tutoring, or placement in special assistance classes.

^ ALTERNATE WAY TO EARN AN OHIO DIPLOMA (Based upon current legislation)

Contained with Senate Bill 1 is a section of law that offers an alternative way to earn an Ohio diploma. If a student passes four of the five OGT and meets all the following criteria, the student will meet the testing requirements for earning an Ohio diploma:

  • Be within 10 points of passing the one failed test

  • Has 97% attendance in each of last four school years

  • Has not been expelled from school in last four school years

  • Has a grade point average of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 in courses of test not yet passed

  • Has completed high school requirements

  • Has participated in those intervention programs offered

  • Has letters recommending graduation from principal and high school teachers of the courses of the test not yet passed.


This year’s class of tenth-graders (The Class of 2013) will be required to pass the Ohio Graduation Tests to receive a diploma and participate in commencement exercises. Strongsville High School also mandates graduating seniors pass al 21 credits in course requirements and fulfill all fee and fine obligations.

The five sections of the Ohio Graduation Test will be administrered to all 10th grade students during the week of March 14-18, 2011, beginning at 7:20 a.m. each morning. These tests are a more rigorous measure of students’ high school achievement. The tests measure content learned through the end of 10th grade and are aligned to the state academic content standards. These tests will include: multiple choice questions, 4-5 short answer questions (which may take several sentences to answer), and 1-2 extended response questions (which may take one or more paragraphs to answer). Test scores are obviously very important to individual students as well as the school district. School district results will be published in the media and on the district’s state report card.

Approximately 620 tenth grade students will be taking the tests. In order to provide the required number of tests sites, proctors and the best possible atmosphere for serious test taking, we will delay the start of school for all students NOT taking the OGT Test. All 10th grade students should arrive to school and report to their test location by 7:20 a.m. Alphabetical lists and room assignments will be posted for easy reference throughout the building. All other students not required to complete any test, should arrive no earlier than 9:15. All testsing will conclude at 9:15 and students will report to scheduled classes by 9:30. See alternative schedule below. Get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast to be well prepared!

Transportation for high school students will not be changed because of the delayed start. Students not required to test but needing transportation to school as usual, will report to the cafeteria for a quiet supervised study hall. Student shoud bring work to complete and/or reading material and must remain in this area until dismissed at 9:25. Going to McDonald’s is not an option.

We have designed the following special incentive for students to do well on the OGT.


OGT – The state mandated OGT dates: March 14-18, 2011. The Reading test will be on Monday the 14th, Math on Tuesday the 15th, Writing on Wednesday the 16th, Science on Thursday the 17th and Social Studies on Friday the 18th. We have completed an OGT incentive plan. 10th grade students may be exempt from one or more final exams in June of their sophomore year under the following guidelines. This is a one-time exemption for 2nd semester finals in the sophomore year.


        1. Students must be passing both the 3rd and 4th quarter grading periods.

        2. Students in Basic classes must score proficient in that subject area of the OGT.

        3. Students in Regular, Honors or AP classes must score accelerated/advanced in that subject area of the OGT.

        4. Students in English classes must score at the appropriate level in both the Reading and Writing portions of the OGT.

        5. If any student passes all five of the OGT exams at the accelerated/advanced level, he/she may waive all finals. This includes all electives such as Art, Music, etc. (Students in Basic classes may be exempt at the proficient level)

        6. Students still have the option of taking any or all-final exams.

        7. Some 10th grade students are in classes that are beyond the testing scope and objectives of the OGT. If these students are eligible to waive finals, they may opt out of all finals except in those classes that have no objectives tested on the OGT. These include students in Algebra II and Trigonometry. Pre-calculus and AP Statistics and their Honors levels. AP History students must have taken the National AP exam to opt out of the AP final.

Semester Grades:

  1. Semester grades will be calculated 40%, 40%, 20% for all students taking finals.

  2. Semester grades will be calculated 50%, 50% for all students not taking finals.

In case the State of Ohio does not supply results/data for this test in a timely manner, this waiver is null and void.

Please discuss this information thoroughly and make any necessary arrangements for a successful testing week. It is imperative that all parents require their child to be on time and present at school during the scheduled exam times the week of March 14-18. Thank you for your assistance and support.

Schedule for OGT Week:

Testing Period 7:20-9:15

Period 1 9:30-9:53

Period 2 9:58-10:21

Period 3 10:26-10:49

Period 4 10:54-11:42

Period 5 11:47-12:35

Period 6 12:40-1:28

Period 7 1:33-1:56

Period 8 2:01-2:25

The Class of 2012 completed the Ohio Graduation Test in late March of 2010. This is a mandated assessment for all high school students in the state of Ohio. Students must earn a score of 400 or better on all section s of the test in order to be eligible to earn a high school diploma. The passage rate of Strongsville students well exceeded the state averages as listed below:

Strongsville State Average

Reading 92.5% 83%

Math 90.8% 81%

Writing 94.5% 84%

Science 87.4% 73%

Social Studies 91.1% 80%

Strongsville High School students’ passage rate was not only high, but the percentage of students passing with scores in the Accelerated or Advanced ranges was also impressive.

Strongsville students passing with Advances or Accelerated Scores:

Reading 61%

Math 75%

Writing 63%

Science 66%

Social Studies 75%


Discover Polaris!

The 2011-2012 Polaris high school enrollment process is off to a quick start. However, Polaris is still accepting applications for next school year. Interested students are advised to enroll now as many programs fill up quickly.

Applications must be submitted online at www.polaris.edu. Registration kiosks are available at each high school, providing easy access to the online application. Interested students may also contact Mr. Loffman, Polaris Enrollment Counselor, at (440) 891-7732 or visit the Polaris Web site at www.polaris.edu for additional information. Discover Polaris!

Career Tech Thursdays Give Prospective Students In-Depth

Look at Polaris Programs

Each winter, Polaris sponsors Career Tech Thursdays for sophomores who are interested in a Polaris program but need more exposure to that program to help them make an informed decision. Students participating in a Career Tech Thursday may choose to spend a half day in the program or programs (a maximum of two) of their choice.

During each visit, prospective students can participate in program-related activities to gain a more in-depth understanding of that program. This “hands-on” approach helps students select the program that is right for them.

^ All visits take place from 7:50 to 10:50 a.m. The following is a list of upcoming Career Tech Thursday dates:

February 10, 17, 24

March 3, 10

April – TBD

All Career Tech Thursday visits should be scheduled through the Strongsville High School Guidance Office in collaboration with the Polaris Enrollment Office. All requests should be made no later than the Friday before the scheduled visit. Contact Larry Loffman, Polaris Enrollment Counselor, at (440) 891-7732 for additional information.

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