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To be involved as a system and network administrator in an organization where I can make the best use of my experience, skill and abilities.


  • Having a Work Experience of more than 7 years .

  • UNIX and Linux Administration and Support.

  • Usability & Implementation of Open Source tools in various projects

  • Apache, Tomcat & MYSQL Administration.

  • Replication setup for MySQL Database servers

  • High Availability & Load balancing for Apache Web Server

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/ 2003 Server Administration and Support.

  • Network Management Support and Administration.

  • Virtualisation using Vmware ESX Server & XEN Server

  • Client Interaction & provide SLA for better service

  • Administration and Management of the IT Department and Helpdesk.

  • Planning and provisioning of IT resources.

  • Wide Area Network Diagnosis, Troubleshooting, Administration and Support.

  • Testing and implementing new tools in system administration

  • Documentation of IT infrastructure policies, strategies & plan of action.


Hardware: Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting of PC and Servers (Dell PowerEdge Servers (SC1425, SC1850, 750), HCL NetManager, ACER G700.

Operating System: Installation, Configuration and Administration of Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server, Red Hat Linux Servers and its contents (Print Server, NFS, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Mail Server)

^ Tools and Software’s: Lotus Notes, MS proxy, Safesquid, Squid Proxy, Site Server, Exchange Server, SVN , VSS. Alfresco, Jira, WSUS, Apache, Tomcat

Virtualization Tools: Citrix Xen, VMware ESX Server, VMware Workstation.

Security Tools: Sonicwall NSA2400, CheckPoint Firewall-1, Cisco PIX 506E, Endian Firewall, Antivirus (Mcafee, Trend Micro, Symantec products), IMSS, NESSUS, SurfControl, GFI LanGuard, Content keeper, MimeDefang.

^ Database Administration: Oracle 9i, MS SQL 2000 server, MYSQL (Windows/Linux), Replication, Backup & Restore, Performance Tunning

Networking Tools: Cisco Routers (1841, 2811), Cisco Switch 2950, VLAN, VPN, TCP/IP, IPMonitor

Scripting Languages: Shell & Perl Scripting.

Work experience

  • [ Jun 2008 – Till Date ] - System Administrator Production Support – Contata Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Installation & Configuration of Endian Firewall for organization & Create access policy & port forward rules. Allow VPN access for users to connect Noida Office.

  • Managing Project servers ADS-P, ADS-S, Mail Servers, DFS, Software Machine, Access Card System, Virtual Machines, Documenting the project servers configurations and supports info.

  • VPN, Content Filtering, Network Access configuration with Sonic Wall NSA2400 Series UTM.

  • Install, Configure & Manage Openfire Chat server with Spark Chat client for 250 Users.

  • Get involved and support in Planning and executing the Migration of Apache/Tomcat/IIS Servers & Database on MySQL /MSSql.

  • Apache, Tomcat & Mysql performance tuning.

  • Configure Local Update server for Microsoft Clients based on WSUS & Linux clients based on http service.

  • MYSQL Backup & Restoration using MYSQL Administrator & MYSQL Script.

  • SVN Repository Management SVN Manager, Repository Creation, User & Group permissions.

  • Understand project requirements & create plan to purchase of Hardware & Software for Organization.

  • Installation & configuration of Vmware EXS server, Configure Virtual Machine & Install Guest OS, P2V Conversion, Networking between Virtual Machines. Import & Export Virtual Machine. Migration of Virtual Machine between servers.

  • Project Involvement-

Client- Bachman’s Corporation

Create VPN between Noida office & client network, Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, Apache web server, Tomcat App server & MySQL Database server. Configure SSL on Apache, URL Rewriting, data compression for better response and Configure High availability of apache server using Ultra Monkey. Load balancing using mod_jk. Create tomcat init script, configure tomcat for Load Balancing, Memory tweaking. MySQL performance tuning, Setup Master/Master Replication between database servers.

Client- Patent Buddy

Install Ubuntu 8.04 for web server & database server on Amazon EC2. Install apache2 with SSL, URL Rewriting to convert specific pages in HTTPS. Data compression on Apache. MySQL database server installation & Configure tuning for better performance to process 40 GB of records. Create AMI on Amazon EC2.

Client- Worbix

Install Ubuntu 8.04 for web server & database server on Amazon EC2. Install apache2 with SSL, URL Rewriting to convert specific pages in HTTPS. Data compression on Apache. MySQL database server installation & configuration. Create AMI on Amazon EC2.

  • [ Feb 2006 – May 2008 ] - Executive System Administrator – Accel Frontline Ltd. (Network Programs India Ltd.)

  • Administrating and Managing the Users/Groups on the Linux/Windows Server.

  • Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of services on Linux/Window Servers. Services include NFS, openSSH , Mail Server , Firewall , Proxy etc.

  • Monitoring and Management of services running on servers using tools and utilities available.

  • Network Management using SPM, LAN Surveyor and Solar Winds. Analyzing and Diagnosing the Network Faults occurred.

  • Support the organization management in formulation of IT infrastructure policies related to SysAdmin SLA's, Backup, VPN, Printer, Internet, Mail Policy, IT Security etc.

  • Firewall Policy Configuration & Administration on Checkpoint Firewall-1.

  • Installation & Management of Active Directory services, DHCP, MS Proxy, Source Code control using VSS & SVN.

  • Installation & configuration of Vmware server, Configure Virtual Machine & Install Guest OS, P2V Conversion, Migration of Virtual Machine between servers

  • [ Nov 2003 – Feb 2006 ] System Administrator - Chinmaya College of Sciences, Haridwar.

  • Prepare IT Policies, strategies & documents for network.

  • Installation & Management of MS Remote Installation, MS Proxy, DHCP, Print Server, RAS, WSUS & Active Directory Service on Windows 2003 Server.

  • Group policies implementation for auto updating of windows client & servers using WSUS Server for users domain.

  • Install & Configure Symantec Antivirus 9.0, Symantec Client Security using Symantec System center on servers & clients.

  • [ Feb 2002 – Feb 2003] Technical Advisor in Institute of Bioinformatics And Technology, Haridwar a study center of Bioinformatics Institute of India, Noida.

  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and its services like Apache, Squid proxy and Samba.

  • Administrating and Managing the Users on Server by providing Technical Support.

  • Installation and Configuration of Active Directory Services, MS Exchange Server 2000 and SQL server on Win 2000 server along with RAS, DHCP.

Professional Qualification

Diploma in System and Database Administration from C-DAC, Noida in 2003.

Advance Diploma in Enterprise Networking from C-DAC, Mohali in 2002.

Educational Qualification

Pursuing M. Sc. (Computer Science) From Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok.

M. Sc. (Psychology) From Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar in 2001.

B.Sc. (PCM) from Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar in 1999.

12th (PCM) from U.P. Board, Lucknow . in 1996.

10th from U.P. Board, Lucknow in 1993.

Projects & training

  • As Trainee Linux Programmer (Jul 03 – Oct 03) for ServersIndia.Net Pvt. Ltd Remotely maintenance of Web Server with Mail server on Linux and Windows 2000 server, Installation Configuration, Monitoring & Backup of servers.

  • Extending LAN (10/100 mbps) switched to Giga Bit (1000 mbps) (Lab Project).

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) (Lab Project).

^ Extra Curricular

Two times participate in North Zone Inter University Cricket Championship as a member of University Cricket Team.

Participate in NCC camp (C.A.T.C. -87) as C.P.L. and cleared ‘A’ certificate.

personal information

About self A go-getter with an immense will power to accomplish the task assigned. An individual who maintains his claim in all situations and aspires to do the best. Confidence of handling all tasks with responsibility

Marital Status Married

Valid Passport No. E 1242508

Permanent Address S/O Sh. Satish Vishnoi

Pahari Bazar Kanakhal

Haridwar – 249408, (UA)

Present Address C/O Sh. Hari Singh Rawat

Top Floor, F-38, Sec-22

Noida – 201301 (UP)

Above all the information are true in my knowledge.

Date: (Pranav Vishnoi)

Place: SHAPE

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