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R-195, Block 14, f ‘B’ Area Karachi – 75950 – Pakistan


Qutubuddin Siddiqui

Tel:(+9221) 6326704, Cell: (+92 300 2180315)

Email: qutub.siddiqui@gmail.com ; qutubgeo@yahoo.com

R-195, Block 14, F ‘B’ Area Karachi – 75950 – Pakistan.


To use my past and present management and technical skills, as well as extensive hands-on experience designing and the implementation of information technology to it’s fullest; impacting business with sound solutions, and long term growth, stability and security for the company which I am employed. By working in the ever-growing environment of today’s technology and to consume the knowledge which is there; in order to do more for my company, my position and my desire to excel.

Network Engineer possessing around 8 years of experience in various industries with comprehensive

experience in designing and implementing networks based on high end Cisco routers, switches and with projects including wireless, routing, and switching. Effective project management skills, overseeing implementations, IP Scheme Planning and completing project milestones according to timelines. Excellent ability to communicate with customers, taking necessary steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

^ Technical Skills


72XX,36XX, 25XX,26XX, 18XX,17XX, 800 series routers, 4006, 4003, 3550,19XX, 29XX, 5000, 6500 switches, Cisco Cache Engine 550, Cisco PIX Firewall 520

Video & Graphics MPEG-II, MPEG-IV, Omneon Servers, Telestream, Broadcast & streaming, VIZRT, Video Conferencing. Video encoding using Snazzi card.

Telecomm Radio modems, DXX, Lease Line, understanding of SDH, PABX systems, Siemens Hicom300 Exchange

Network Mgmt HP OpenView, Cisco Works, ACS 3.2, MRTG, Solar Winds, Whatsup World, Sniffer, IRIS

Security and Firewall Cisco PIX Firewall 520 , Barbedwire Tech Firewall DP-100, DP-500, McAfee Intruvert

Miscellaneous Octopus News Management system, Qos, NAT, Traffic Shaping, Compression, Tunneling, VLANs, Octopus ( News Management system) , M-Deamon Email server/Clients, MS Proxy, Squid Proxy, Netscape SuiteSpot, MS Project.

OS Solaris 8,Win2K , NT 4.0, UNIX, DOS

Professional Experience

IMC - GEO TV Network 07/02 – todate

^ Karachi – Dubai (Dubai Media City)

Associate Manager - Network Operations IT & Telecom Dept.

Working presently as Associate Manager Network Operations . Managing Geo TV IT in Pakistan and UAE. Actively involve in system Integration design and integrate Various components of IT including LAN/WAN System and Integration of Applications.


  • WAN design. 4Mbps dedicated Internet connectivity in Dubai on FastEthernet.

  • 2Mbps each from two ISP’s in Karachi on G.703 interface without BGP, using route maps for seperating each interface’s interesting traffic. 512k connectivity at Lahore & Islamabad.

  • 2Mbps IPLC circuit between KHI-DXB link over SMW3. Used Access List, Route Maps, GRE tunneling, Policy routing.

  • Reengineered the LAN at the HO – Karachi, eliminating unneeded equipment to streamline the LAN for the propose of reducing latency.

  • Implementation of 2Mbps Digital cross connect between Karachi- Lahore, Karachi-Islamabad & Karachi Dubai IPLC circuit.

  • Conduct troubleshooting on PRI, and BRI circuits on Cisco 3660 & 3640 routers.

  • Cisco 3600/2600/1800/1700 series routers, installation & integration. Keeping VLAN on core 4006, 4003 switches. Implementation of GRE tunneling over internet.

  • Implemented QoS using policing for managing bandwidth utilization on Cisco 3660, 3640 routers.

  • IP Planning and subnetting. Setup private 10.x.x.x addresses for organizations different networks and NATed them to respective public IP’s.

  • Successfully implement live video transmission on 2Mbps IPLC connectivity between Karachi & Dubai studios.

  • LAN design based on core Cisco switches 4506, 4006 & 4003 with Cisco Catalyst 3550 for VLANs. To create user groups between resource hungry segments like graphics and News Room department. Extensive use of Multilayer switching using 3550 EMI software for traffic shaping & QoS. LAN infrastructure based on 100/1000 base T high end IBM e- series servers.

  • Successfully configures ISDN Dial-in facility for out station users to login to HO LAN, Intranet, and send their footages as well.

  • Connected buildings together via conduit with giga uplink single mode fiber.

  • MAN connectivity from HO to CEO’s home office on fiber. Now can connect to company LAN, intranet and other subnets using Cisco 1751. Also extended office extension to his home office using Siemens Hi-Path-IP Connectivity.

  • Working on Cisco ASA solution to enhance security with firewalling, IDS/IPS, VPN features.

  • Working on feasibility of WLAN with Cisco Aironet and Linksys.

  • Team member for Migration of Email System from MDeamon to MS Exchnage 2005. ISA 2004 implementation. MS IIS Radius.


  • Principally responsible for installing, configuring, LAN/WAN networking & security technologies.

  • Liaison with PDL, PTCL, ISP for up-gradation, down-gradation, problem identification, rectification & commissioning of Domestic & International data circuits.

  • Leading projects of expansion plans of LAN/WAN & network management aswell as security.

  • Video conferencing over IP network.

  • Operations of Win2k based OCTOPUS News room system

  • Using Telestream, Snazzi for MPEG encoding & Omenon Servers for video storage and play out.

  • Project Management of IVR System, Fiber Optic Cabling, Server Installation, Integration of Program Module. Presently running 16 PRI’s at Karachi HO.

  • Project Management of DTH ( DIRECT TO HOME) project. Surveying with foreign and local consultants of various locations for the selection of Earth Station. Thus give more exposure of techniques related to Satellite issues & earth station.

  • Call Center training. Understanding & knowledge of Setup.

  • Integration of tellular devices with telephone exchange, for cost cutting of local, NWD, mobile call charges.

  • Working knowledge of SDH.

Silki La Silki – Prime Net Internet Services 12/00 – 03/02

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Network Administrator


  • Managed, installed, configured, upgraded, and performed troubleshooting on Cisco 2500 and 7000 series routers; Catalyst 1900 and 2900 switches.

  • Implementing & configuring NAT on a Cisco 2600.

  • Installed and configured Cisco 500 series firewalls.

  • Installed and configured Cisco Cache Engines for better availability

  • Installed and configured BlackBox LAN Drivers for providing Bandwidth to corporate customers.

  • Installation and configuration of Netscape Proxy on Solaris 2.6

  • Installation and configuration of network monitoring software like MRTG on Solaris 2.6

  • Configuration and management of Cisco 6500 switch and VLANS

  • Configuration and management of DHCP Registrar from Cisco on Solaris 2.6

  • Configuration and implementing Cisco Netflow Flow control and Analyzer.

  • Worked on Sun Ultra 5 , Ultra 10 and SUN 450 machines


  • Liaison with STC for the up-gradation, down-gradation, problem identification, rectification and commissioning of Domestic data circuits.

  • Documentation and project management of customers enterprise intranet.

  • Monitoring Network using HPOpenview, MRTG, Netflow control & analyzer.

  • Maintain full documentation of vendors, logs, communication equipment, and proposals.

GulfnetKSA Zajil Internet Services 08/99 – 08/00

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

NW Engineer

Involved in Design, Installation, Configuration, Operations & Administration of Internetwork which covered the following:

Project & Responsibilities:

Cisco Routers

  • Monitoring shared Internet router port customers in a Cisco environment

  • Monitoring point-to-point frame relay links using backbone running between major cities.

  • Configured dedicated data circuits using various WAN/MAN media and technologies for leased bandwidth customers.

  • Managed the nationwide IP addresses distribution from a pool of class B &C IP addresses.

Other Services worked on;

  • Microsoft IIS4.0 and Apache Web Servers.

  • List Servers.

  • Billing Softwares.

  • Web Email Product.(Imail & Infinite Mail with Voice support).

  • Various NT 4.0 and Unix based Chat Servers

  • Configured DNS, Sendmail, Squid and FTP services on NT and Unix

Compaq Servers

  • Extensively supported various high-end Compaq servers such as Proliant 5500, 2500, 1600, 1500, 800 series servers.

  • Optimization of these high-end machines for Windows NT.

Saztel Pvt. Ltd. For Data Communication 01/99 - 07/99

Karachi, Pakistan.

System Support Engineer


  • Designing and planing of local and wide area Networks according to requirements and specifications outlined by the customers.

  • Assist the Support Team in commissioning, installation and implementation of Networks.

  • Installed 10Base-2, 10Base-5 and 100Base-Tx AT&T structured cabling. (IBM stations connectivity with Windows.)

  • Connected Remote workstations. Installed Intel, 3com and Planet Ethernet hubs with management modules.

  • Manage the critical issues of installation, troubleshooting and system integration issues.

  • Installations, Maintenance and troubleshooting of Local /wide area Networks.

  • Configured systems different parameters to get best of the system performance. Worked with various interfaces(V.35, RS-232)


  • To provide full technical support regarding Network Operating system and application software.

  • Surveying sites, Installation and Implementation of Cylink Radio MODEMS

  • Configured and installed Cylink Data Encrypters

  • To perform R&D on products when needed.

  • Installing, implementing variety of Motorola Modems with Dial-Up and Leased line. Also included the AS Command configurable modem.

  • Working knowledge of Motorola small to high end Routers.

Zelin Pvt. Ltd. 04/98 - 12/98

Computer Service Group (CSG), Karachi, Pakistan.

PC Support Engineer

  • To provide full technical support related to data sharing, LANconnectivity.

  • Installation of Windows, related applciations.

  • Looking after PC’s & peripherels.


Sir Syed University of Engineering Technology Karachi in 1998 Bachelors in Electronics Engineering (B.S).


MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

Training & Courses:

SANOG8- Karachi ; 9 days Workshop – July 27-August 04 – NETWORK / ISP SECURITY

Project Management - Diploma From Pakistan Institute of Management in November 2005

ISO 27001 – ISMS Implementation training cource From i-Total Security in April 2006

Barbwire Technologies DPI Firewall

Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration

Check Point Firewall -1


Date Of Birth : September 29, 1975

Nationality : Pakistani

Religion : Islam

Marital Status : Married

Languages Known : English, Urdu

Driving License : Saudi , Pakistani

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