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Course Details (Tick)

Diploma in Astrology Post Graduate Diploma in Astrology (PGDIA)

Diploma in Palmistry Post Graduate Diploma in Palmistry & Face Reading

Diploma in Vastu Shastra Post Graduate Diploma in Vastu Shastra (PGDIV)

Diploma in Feng Shui Post Graduate Diploma in Tarot Reading (PGDIT)

Diploma in Gems & Crystals Post Graduate Diploma in Feng Shui (PGDIF)

Diploma in Numerology Post Graduate Diploma in Numerology (PGDIN)

Diploma in Tarot Reading Post Graduate Diploma in Tarot Reading (PGDIT)

Diploma in KP Astrology Post Graduate Diploma in KP Astrology (PGDIK)

Medium of Instruction : English Hindi

Track : Regular (1 module/month) Intermediate (2 Mod/month)

Fast (3 Module/per month)

Fee Payment Details

Mode : Cheque Deposit Cash Deposit Credit / Debit Card Cash

Net banking DD/Cheque sent Online Transfer Other

Amount: DD/Cheque/Ref No.: Dated : Bank:


1. Acceptance of form is at sole discretion of Institute of Vedic Astrology. If application is rejected then
full fees will be refunded.

2. Fees once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

3. Change of address should be informed immediately to the institute as this is the responsibility of the
student. Student not getting study material on time should inform immediately to the institute.

4. Institute has made every effort to ensure that the contents of study material are correct. However,
Institute accept no responsibility for any errors, omissions or damage caused as an effect there of.

5. Change of medium is possible by paying Rs.700/- immediately after receiving first module and study
material. Medium cannot be changed after dispatch of second module.

6. Partially filled form and forms without prescribed fees will be rejected.

7. Since all the courses are updated on regular basis, therefore syllabus of course is subject to change
without any prior notice.

8. Students who do not pay their installment fees will not be sent study material until dues are cleared.
They shall not be allowed to appear in examination. Students will have to pay late fees of Rs. 400 if
they send their installment after due date.

9. For Intermediate and Fast track modules, full fee has to be paid.

9. Disputes, if any, subject to competent forum and courts of Indore jurisdiction only.


I have studied the details thoroughly. I have understood the terms and conditions of Institute of Vedic Astrology mentioned above and I hereby agree to abide by them.

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