New Books January – June 2009 icon

New Books January – June 2009

New Books January – June 2009

2004 - 2008 From health worker to health worker : an annotated index of indigenous health information published in The Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal The Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal

A brief historical outline of 82 years of nurse training at Marrickville District Hospital : together with photographs of interest... Knight, Enid

A textbook of Australian rural health

Kilpatrick, SueLiaw, Siaw-Teng

ACORN competency resource package 2008

Australian College of Operating Room Nurses

Analysing health policy : a problem-oriented approach

Gardner, Heather Barraclough, Simon

Australian injectable drugs handbook Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia

Morris, Nicolette

Bates' guide to physical examination and history taking

Bates, Barbara Szilagyi, Peter G. Bickley, Lynn S.

Baxter 2008 NSW Health awards : annual awards ceremony 31st October : winners and finalists

N.S.W. Department of Health

Blood and marrow stem cell transplantation : principles, practice and nursing insights

Ezzone, Susan Schmit-Pokorny, Kim

Cervical cancer : a guide for nurses  

Clinical practice guidelines for the management of melanoma in Australia and New Zealand : evidence-based best practice guidelines

National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia)

Clinical teaching strategies in nursing

Gaberson, Kathleen B. Oermann, Marilyn H.

Education and public policy in Australia

Marginson, Simon

E-learning and the science of instruction : proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning

Clark, Ruth Colvin Mayer, Richard E.

Essentials of organizational behavior

Judge, Tim Robbins, Stephen P.

Essentials of teaching and learning in nursing ethics : perspectives and methods

Tschudin, Verena Davis, Anne J. De Raeve, Louise

Final report of the Special Commission of Inquiry Acute Care Services in NSW Public Hospitals

Garling, Peter

Florence Nightingale : the making of an icon

Bostridge, Mark

Gerontological nursing

Eliopoulos, Charlotte

Guide for international nursing students in Australia and New Zealand Hally, M Bernadette

Illustrated dictionary of midwifery

Homer, Caroline Gray, Joanne Smith, Rachel

Illustrated notebook : principles of anatomy and physiology

Tortora, G.J. Grabowski, Sandra Reynolds

Immunology and haematology

Griffin, James Kitchen, Gareth

In the land of difficult people : 24 timeless tales reveal how to tame beasts at work

Introducing mental health nursing : a consumer-oriented approach

Happell, Brenda Mary

Introduction to public health

Fleming, Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth

It's in your blood

Hendry, Peter I. A. Stanger, J. Ian.

Leadership and teambuilding in primary care

Constable, Graham Mullins, Clare

Managing clinical processes in health services

Sorensen, Roslyn Iedema, Rick

Managing pain in children : a clinical guide

Bruce, Elizabeth Dowden, Stephanie Twycross, Alison

Medical-surgical nursing

Rollant, Paulette D. Ennis, Deborah A.

Midwifery continuity of care : a practical guide

Leap, Nicky Homer, Caroline Brodie, Pat

Midwifery essentials

Smith, Rachel Gray, Joanne

Mutiny and medicine : an international conference on the history of medicine : programme and abstracts

Carter, Peggy Pearn, John Phillips, G. E.

National Continence Management Strategy : phase three action : 2006 - 2010 Australia. Dept. of Health and Ageing
National Continence Management Strategy (Australia)

New South Wales mothers and babies 2006  

Nurses and nursing 2005  

Nursing assessment and older people : a Royal College of Nursing toolkit Royal College of Nursing

Nursing medical emergency patients

Humphreys, Melanie Jevon, Philip Ewens, Beverley

Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy  

Nursing research : designs and methods

Watson, Roger

Nursing the highly dependent child or infant : a manual of care Dixon, Michaela

Oh's intensive care manual

Oh, T. E. Bersten, Andrew D. Soni, Neil

Overhead transparencies for use with Medical-surgical nursing : concepts and clinical practice, fifth edition, AND Medical-surgical nursing : a nursing process approach, third edition.  

Perioperative standards and recommended practices

Association of Operating Room Nurses

Practice development resource : a self assessment tool for midwives

Australian College of Midwives Incorporated

Psychiatric-mental health nursing: evidence-based concepts, skills, and practices

Rogers' handbook of pediatric intensive care

Rogers, Mark C. Nichols, David G. Helfaer, Mark A.

Rogers' textbook of pediatric intensive care

Rogers, Mark C. Nichols, David G.

Skills for midwifery practice

Taylor, Wendy Johnson, Ruth

Stedman's medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing : illustrated

Stedman, Thomas L.

Tabbner's nursing care : theory and practice

Koutoukidis, Gabrielle Tabbner, A. R. Lawrence, Karen Funnell, Rita Chandler, Jackie

The Indigenous health promotion resources guide: a national information guide for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers

The Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal

The social determinants of indigenous health  

The true story of Margaret Catchpole

Barton, G. B.

Theories of development : concepts and applications

Crain, William

Trauma care : initial assessment and management in the emergency department

Cole, Elaine

Trounce's clinical pharmacology for nurses

Greenstein, Ben

Urinary and fecal incontinence : current management concepts Doughty, Dorothy Beckley

Visitors sixpence : the first 100 years

Curby, Pauline

Wound care made incredibly easy

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