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5/08-present Licensed Psychologist, Jungian Analyst, Private Practice


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5/08-present Licensed Psychologist, Jungian Analyst, Private Practice

Martha Blake, Jungian Analyst, LLC, Portland, Oregon

Create confidential container for individuals and small groups pursuing conscious change. Support grief, loss, pain, anger, transition, acceptance, adjustment, adaptation, play, creativity, and transformation. Utilize images, dreams, myths, fairytales, and communications to attend to the unconscious as it expresses in the lives of individuals and groups. Facilitate small therapy groups. As member of adjunct faculty, Portland State University, facilitate business students experientially learning conscious Team Processes.

^ 8/06-5/08 Jungian Analyst, Psychologist Resident, Private Practice

Martha Blake, Jungian Analyst, LLC, Portland, Oregon

Practiced as a Jungian analyst while concurrently a psychologist resident, Dunbar Carpenter, PsyD, and Leslie Carter, PhD, supervisors.

^ 2/05-8/06 Jungian Analyst, Private Practice

Martha Blake, Jungian Analyst, Portland, Oregon

As a Jungian analyst, created therapeutic container for individuals to pursue growth, achieve balance, and find meaning. Utilized images, myths, and communications to attend to the unconscious life of individuals. Conducted therapy groups on dreams and women’s individuation. As member of adjunct faculty, Portland State University, facilitated business students experientially learning conscious Team Processes.

^ 2/03-2/05 Diploma Candidate, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich

Homestreet, Inc., Hillsboro, OR

As Diploma Candidate building private practice, also volunteered one day each week as Washington County mental health agency intern. Under supervision in Zurich and Portland. Maintained small practice of agency clients. Participated in intake interviews, clinical conferences with physician and nurse specialist, level of care evaluations, and utilization reviews. Offered a Jungian perspective on other agency clients. Charted in electronic medical record. Checked medications in and out. Conducted gap analysis and prepared documentation for HIPAA.

^ 1/03- present Organizational Consultant, Principal

Archetypal Paradigm Group, Portland, Oregon

As Principal Archetypal Paradigm Group, facilitate executives, managers, and teams in strategic planning, re-visioning, diagnosing performance, assuring quality, and aligning resources to achieve sustainable growth. Support teams connecting with unconscious shadow behaviors and sources of creativity. Offer expertise in successful change management, strategic planning and cost reduction while improving quality. Author of on-line university course leading to certification in quality management. HIPAA, JCAHO, NCQA, Baldridge auditor.

^ 9/02-2/05 Diploma Candidate, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich

Private Practice, Portland, OR

As Diploma Candidate, engaged in private practice internship under supervision in Zurich and Portland. Practiced Jungian analysis, the analytic methods of C. G. Jung, the Swiss depth psychologist. Established private practice, conducted workshops, maintained analytic records. Thesis: Individuation and Organizations: Autopoietic Interactions with the Collective.

^ 9/01, 9-10/02, Training Candidate, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich

Homestreet, Inc., Hillsboro, OR

As Training Candidate, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, volunteered during practicum with community mental health agency serving the mentally disabled of Washington County. Engaged clients individually and in groups: healthy lifestyles, painting, activities of daily living, day trips. Supervised in Portland and Zurich.

^ 4/98-8/02 Manager, Alliances, Affiliations, Credentials

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Portland, OR

Administered Kaiser Permanente Northwest contractual quality management agreements and credentials and privileges program. Co-authored article on Kaiser Permanente’s national award-winning Chronic Pain Management Program for medical journal. Conducted peer review of clinical cases. Maintained confidential peer review records for 2500 practitioners. Consulted to local and national medical service delivery system design, advised legislation, supported clinical assessments of practitioners, providers, and delegates. Supervised and trained ten specialists. Maintained NCQA, JCAHO, HCFA and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program accreditation standards. Taught healthcare writing course to clinical and clerical staff. Training Candidate C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, half time.

^ 1/93-4/98 Manager, Regional Quality Management

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Portland, OR

Administered NW Region quality management program serving 380,000 members and 1200 clinicians. Co-chaired region’s Behavioral Emotional Steering Committee. Participated as member multi-disciplinary team designing continuity of care for members in psychiatric crisis. Facilitated multidisciplinary teams designing Case Management and Health Status/ Health Risk Assessment Program for Kaiser Permanente employees of Multnomah County. Served as consultant to Behavioral Health departments’ system improvements, peer reviews, and sentinel events. Converted Region to outcomes-based clinical program integrated with business plan, designed by clinicians and administrators, with budget accountability for results. As member of clinical teams, developed intranet-based clinical practice guidelines program, case management model, Transfer of Best Practices program, clinical performance reports to Boards of Directors, region-wide system for peer review, centralized credentialing program, HEDIS measurements and reports. Integrated medical group and network medical care into seamless whole, fully deployed to all functional units and committees, including target setting, workplans, risk management, utilization, and performance evaluation. Aligned initiatives with Foundation for Accountability. Shaped community clinical portfolio. Negotiated multi-state initiatives. First in market to achieve full 3-year NCQA accreditation. Managed department of 20 Masters and PhD-qualified managers, analysts, and organizational consultants. Oversaw operation of three computer networks. Surveyed for State of Oregon Quality Initiative.

^ 4/90-1/93 Outside Care Quality Manager

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Portland, OR

In collaboration with Center for Health Research, designed computerized intake, assessment, and outtake documentation for Addiction Medicine Program. Chartered Family Violence Program. Participated in multi-hospital-system Mental Health Project awarding mental health contract to Providence Health System. Coached Kaiser Permanente Mental Health department toward ongoing performance measures. Managed contracted care quality management program, ensuring high quality network care. Negotiated contractual quality management agreements with clinicians. Designed contract quality programs as consultant. Facilitated teams of clinical vendors to similar measures of performance. Eliminated rework and assured continuity of care at boundaries. Supervised clinical statistical analysts and credentials staff.

^ 10/86-4/90 Quality Assurance Coordinator

Sunnyside Medical Center, Clackamas, OR

In partnership with physician Director, coordinated medical staff and ancillary hospital department quality, risk, infection control, and utilization program. Reviewed charts, documented care in medical records, intervened with clinicians, patients, and families. Managed computerization of Quality Management Program. Reported clinical issues monthly to Executive Committee, quarterly to Boards of Directors. Supervised 15 nurses and clerical staff.

^ 5/85-6/86 Quality Assurance Officer

King Abdul Azziz Hospital Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Established clinical quality assurance program for international contractor managing 390-bed acute care and rehab hospitals. Facilitated service developments and operational policies. Directed preparation of hospital statistics and utilization in decision-making. Facilitated development of hospital-wide goals and objectives. Prepared breach of contract documentation, support services contract. Supervised staff from 15 countries.

^ 7/84-5/85 Clinics Administrator

King Abdul Azziz Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Planned and directed activities of primary and specialty care medical offices and dispensaries. Designed primary care service delivery model. Managed 50 multinational employees who performed supervisory, clerical and accounting function in setting which attended to patients 18 hours a day, 6.5 days a week. Trained Saudi Arabian nationals. Interacted with Saudi Arabian patients, families and translators.

^ 7/83-7/84 Supervisor, Administrative Services

King Abdul Azziz Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Established department and managed multinational staff supporting communication systems for two teaching hospitals.

9/80-6/82 Instructor, Graduate Assistant

Portland State University, Portland, OR

^ 1/79-9/79 Assistant Contract Administrator

Lockheed Aircraft International, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

6/67-6/68 Personnel Training Director, Apprentice Buyer, Sales Clerk

Selber Bros., Inc., Shreveport, Louisiana

Member, American Psychological Association

Member, Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists

Member, International Association for Analytical Psychologists

Member, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis

Member, Inter-Regional Association of Jungian Analysts

Member, International Association for Jungian Studies

Member, American Mental Health Alliance, Oregon

Member, Oregon Friends of C. G. Jung; former board member

Member, Oregon Psychological Association Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee

Master of Business Administration, Portland State University, 1982

President, NW Healthcare Roundtable 1992-1993

Curriculum Committee, C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich 2002-2004

Diplomate Analytical Psychology, C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, 2005

Certified as Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, 2006

Licensed as Psychoanalyst, NY, 2006

Licensed as Psychologist, OR, 2008

Certified as Psychoanalyst, 2008

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