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Present bsc (Hons) Computer Games Programming


Address available on request, phone number available on request

Nationality: Italian, Spoken Languages: Italian (Native), English (Fluent)


Self-taught programmer from the age of 12 and, later, formally taught at university, I am a motivated and passionate second year Computer Games Programming student. My curiosity and eagerness for knowledge make me a strong team worker, always willing to learn and collaborate with other people.

I am currently seeking to improve myself through a working placement year.


Languages: C++, GLSL, C#, Java, ActionScript 3, Lisp, UML

Platforms: Windows, Nintendo DS

Technologies: OpenGL, SDL, XNA, Unreal Engine 3

Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office


2011 - Teesside University

present BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

Second Year Modules First Year Modules and Results

Games Engine Construction Programming 90%

Games Software Development Mathematics 82%

Network and Concurrent Programming System Design 76%

3D Graphics Programming Games Technology 68%

Animation and Simulation Programming Games Middleware 66%

Artificial Intelligence Programming

2005 – 2010 Liceo Scientifico Statale “G. Marconi”, Foggia, Italy

Diploma di maturità scientifica (A Level Equivalent)

Including Maths, Physics & English

Overall grade: 84/100


2011 - 2012 University Projects

Programming Module Project

- Developed a clone of the popular game “Snake”, using C++ and a pointer to the screen buffer.

- Wrote image loading routines, custom template based linked lists, Artificial Intelligence for an enemy snake, Entity Management classes and all the other

aspects of the game.

^ Games Engine Construction Module Project

- Developed a 2D game engine and an action game based on Team17’s Worms.

- Implemented features such as 2D rendering, procedural level generation, physics,

basic enemy artificial intelligence, User Interface and all the gameplay code.

Personal Projects

- Developed a simple dungeon crawler game for the Nintendo DS platform, using low level homebrew development tools.

- Created all the application framework and the game logic from scratch using the

C++ language.

- Tested the game on the actual hardware to correct bug and assure fluid gameplay.


2009 Tecnomatica S.A.S., Foggia, Italy

(July – Sept) Unpaid Programming Job


- Developed a web-based e-learning application for online classes.

- Implemented client-side (ActionScript 2) and server-side (Java) code

for a shared whiteboard and a video chat (webcam, sounds and IM).


- Improved team working skills.

- Received excellent feedback and was offered a full time job as programmer,

but declined to pursue studies.


Interests: Video games and games development

I have been passionate and interested in video games and their development

since I first played Super Mario Bros. at the age of 3 and I asked myself how it was possible to move things on the screen by just pressing buttons on a controller.


I have been playing piano since the age of 8 and, later, I also learned to play bass guitar to experience new kinds of music. I have been part of various local bands

as bass player and vocalist.

Activities: C++ Programming Help

I am assisting first year Computer Games Programming students in their C++

programming practical sessions. This experience is teaching me how to share

my knowledge, improving my communication skills, and also how to learn from

other people's mistakes, improving my programming skills.

Game Development Jams

I enjoy doing game development related stuff in my spare time, so I take part to

online and live game development jams, as Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam.


Available on request.

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