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Abstracts of the articles published in Studium Vilnense A. Issn 1948-7907

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Studium Vilnense CD, ISSN 1648-7915, vol. 1, op. 27 (2003)


ABSTRACTS of the articles published in Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907,

2003, vol. 1, nr 1

Collected by G. Lapienienė

Popielski, Kazimierz. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN EXISTENCE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 5-7. Polish, abstract English: It is the system of values that determines personal identity. These characteristic values are referred to as the noo-values. They are not related to economic or other utility. They are multi-dimensional, organised in a hierarchy challenging the individual homo sapiens for internal development even if it requires suffering. Social, cultural, and natural environment presents the space for personal bio- and noo-dynamics.

Bugdol, Marek. THE QUALITY IN SOCIOLOGICAL ASPECT // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907. 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 8-11. Polish, abstract English: This article presents the ideas of quality of work and life, of organisation, leadership, human relations, and human resources. It also shows the definitional differences and conclusions resulting from the analysis of the subject literature.

Brazis, Romuald. ZYGMUNT REWKOWSKI: THE FOUNDER OF ANALYTICAL ECONOMICS AND HIS EPOCH // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907. 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 12-17. Polish, abstract English: Zygmunt Rewkowski (1807-1893) at the age of 22 was appointed to the position of professor at the chair of probability theory at the Imperial University of Wilna. After the Polish-Lithuanian uprising against Russia, Rewkowski was exiled as an ordinary soldier to the Caucasus war for seven years. Later on he served in military and civil engineering, however, he was not permitted to return back home until 1881. His vast experience in organizing public works allowed him to formulate the theory of labor in general. He pointed out that the macro- and micro-economics rely on differential equations that are in common with those describing planetary motion, although they are much more frequently perturbed by random events. With his foundations of analytic economics and mathematical epidemiology, he was for centuries ahead of his epoch. The paper discovers poetry and other archive data on the intellectual life of his epoch saved in the Central Library of The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Miczka, Tadeusz. Media Education As The Foundation Of Contemporary Process Of General Education // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907. 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 18-21. Polish, abstract English: According to the author the pro-technological attitude of contemporary man towards reality determines the increasing role of understanding of media in education. However, media education should not be treated as an individual and separate subject but – on the contrary – it should function within interrelated framework of general education as interdisciplinary knowledge thought at school by teachers of different subjects. Such media education not only forms the foundation of the whole educational system but also guarantees high level of modern teaching. Besides it can be an intellectual plane of integrating and correlating of knowledge of different subjects which can help include it into the structures of social communication and the universe of culture. Such a place of media education in the system of general education gives also an opportunity to build up the awareness that despite different systems of information and media formats (printed, visual, audiovisual and multimedia) the principle of their comprehension is based mostly on the process of verbalization which relies heavily on the ability of “translating” various cultural codes and comparing numerous messages.

Glebuvienė, Vitolda Sofija. Communication between a teacher and a child in Lithuanian kindergarten // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907. 2003, vol. 1, Nr 1, pp. 22-26. Since the beginning of the education reform 10 years ago there have been many radical changes in the pre-school education of post-communistic Lithuania. The organisation model of young children education has changed recently. The content, forms and methods of education have been gradually gaining features of educational forms and methods widely used in the western democratic world. Slowly changing phen buckling omena as educators’ attitudes, manner, norms and tendencies of everyday communication with children have undergone changes as well. The article presents the results of the research on the interaction between educator and children conducted in pre-school educational institutions. The research lasted from 1988 till 2000. Its aim was to define the content, type, frequency and it determining factors of pedagogical “educator-child” interaction in the after-reformed kindergarten. This paper analyses peculiarities of the “educator-child” interaction, their dependence upon the age and education of educators’.

^ Perkowski, M. EUROPEAN EDUCATION BEFORE ACCESSION TO EUROPEAN UNION: AGITATION OR INFORMATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 27-28. Polish, abstract English: The European education is one of the most priorities of polish science before the PL/UE integration. It must be serious and honest information about consequences, possibilities and risks relevant with the accession. The agitation should be only subsidiary way.

^ Kowzan, Tadeusz. THE FRENCH IN WILNA IN THE COURSE OF AGES // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 29-33. Polish, abstract English: It is supposed that the French monks first appeared in Wilna (Vilnius) short after the letters of invitation sent by the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gedeminne (1323). Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377) was the first French poet and composer visiting Lithuania. Diplomat Gilbert de Lannoy (1386-1462) described his impressions on travelling here. In 1650-1773, the French presented the most numerous group among professors at the Universitas Vilnensis. French opera presentation by the Malaisiez group in 1774 is mentioned. Actor troups toured here: François Merienne’s (1802), Charles-François Grandville’s (1815). In 1801 the newspaper Messager de Vilna has been founded by Jean Pinabel de Verriere. Napoleon’s campaign left in Lithuania a deep trace witnessed by Henri Beyle (Stendhal). The French presented the majority of foreign teachers employed at local schools in 1822. Emile Mossar(t), 18 year old teacher, and Edouard Benoi(s)t, geodesist, and the count Louis de Fleury were prosecuted by tsar for participating in uprising (1863). French language became especially popular after the prohibition of Polish and Lithuanian. In 1919, Professor Stefan Glixelli (1888-1938) was appointed to the chair of Roman philology in the restored University. Since 1937 the French studies were chaired by Professor Georges Rousseau, since December 1939 - by Albert Prioult and Georges Matoré. They were favourable to Poles, saved Jews from prosecution. The University was finally closed by Nazis in 1943, and the French professors moved to their homeland. Pierre Quissant, Napoleon Campana, Josef Portier, and Charles Meffre are mentioned in the chronics as the members of Polish Home Army struggling against Nazis in 1944. Under the post-war Soviet occupation, the French language was not favoured at the university, and it was kept marginal in secondary schools, as well. The review ends with the story about the famous French author Romain Gary who was born by Jewish-descent Russian actress in Moscow; as a refugee from the Soviet regime, she stayed in Wilna and her son attended Polish school in 1923-25. The rest of his life he spent in France, except the pilot service in the British Air Forces during the II World War. Nevertheless, his love and solidarity with the Polish patriots in Wilna was permanent, expressed in his bestseller Education européenne (1945).

Jaszczyszyn, Elżbieta; Hałaburda, Elżbieta. OPENING OF SMALL ENVIRONMENTS ON THE IDEA OF INTEGRATION OF DISABLED CHILDREN AS ACTION TOWARDS RAISING THE QUALITY OF LIFE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 34-37. Polish, abstract English: Nowadays we can see the increase of interest about integrated education, both in local government, headmasters and regular teachers. This idea is acceptable more and more everyday, but its success depends of social, financial and political factors. The basic condition of success of integration is property professional and psychological preparation of teachers. Teachers’ opinions about integration might be important for the quality of disabled children’s life.

^ Frejman, Stanisława Danuta. STIMULATING STUDENTS TO EDUCATE AS TEACHERS // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 39-41. Polish, abstract English: Modern academic didactics concerned with effective­ness of education seeks for future teachers by means of intellectual and practical activating students. Those methods, which would decrease the role of verbal – reproductive activities for the benefit of students’ artistic thinking and acting, are now very often postulated to be introduced into the process of education. Thus, we have decided to share our opinion concerned with methods of teaching that we use in process of didactic preparation for the future job of technology and computing teachers.

^ Gretkowski, Andrzej. COMMUNICATION ASPECTS OF PALLIATIVE AND HOSPITAL CARE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 42-44. Polish, abstract English: Palliative care is an active care of the sick and their families, when cure is impossible. Its main goal is to im­prove a patient’s life quality by giving him psychological, mental and social assistance. Communication has a great role in this assistance - it is called a hart of palliative care; it could be verbal or nonverbal. Both accompany our patient without lying and insinuations. In contacts with sick, dying person compulsory things are: deep under­stan­ding, simplicity, patience, acceptance of our patient in his disease, witch destroys his body and soul. We must always remember, that sick, dying person wants still live and needs assistance and love.

^ Iwański, Piotr. IS IT NONSENSE TO TEACH PHILOSOPHY? // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 45-48. Polish, abstract English: People with practical mentality answer the question affirmatively. They find it not giving any measurable profit. A little frighten philosophy adherents try to point that there are still some advantages of teaching it: we learn some criticism, logical thinking etc. However, philosophy is worth teaching not with regard to the side advantages but for philosophy itself. And the desire of recognizing the truth is the feature of every human being. It is why Aristotle used to say that each man is a philosopher by his very nature. Thus the aim of teaching philosophy is to satisfy the basic needs of every human person.

^ Kavaliauskienė, Galina. ISSUES OF LEARNING ESP AT UNIVERSITY // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 49-53. This article deals with difficulties that learners face on a university level. A great amount of information that students try to acquire in a higher school deprives them from using the same ways of learning that they have been used to before. Apart from having to upgrade the knowledge of general English, learners have to be able to cope with complex tasks of using professional vocabulary in writing and speaking as well as be able to tackle reading and listening tasks. Communicative approach to learning ESP proves to be beneficial to mixed ability learners.

^ Kavaliauskienė, Galina. VARIOUS ASPECTS OF LEARNING/TEACHING ENGLISH // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 54-57. The data on a dynamic study of three groups of students over three academic years have been presented and analysed in view of fostering their learning and improving teaching. An essential part of the learning process is monitoring the progress of each learner individually throughout the academic year. Examining each learner’s attitudes, difficulties and production in different language areas allows to cater for their needs and foster proficiency in the ESP. Consciousness-raising in students to ways of mastering language skills is a valid part of pedagogic strategy and should be implemented to curb learners’ fear of performance in public.

^ Kida, Jan. ASSUMPTIONS OF THE CONTEMPORARY EDUCATION, ITS FACTORS AND AXIOLOGICAL ASPECTS // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 58-60. Polish, abstract English: The article in a concise way presents fundamental assumptions of the contemporary education in connection with the modern highly developed technical civilization. It discusses a brief outline of the most important problem generally connected with the main factors of the educational system and its new tendencies in schooling both in Poland and in other countries. The educational system requires a permanent modernization and improvement, and must be stimulated by pedagogical innovations in schools and universities. To this end the deep knowledge of teachers must take advantage from scientific books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and mass media and utilized in the teaching process. Nowadays the general knowledge is particularly appreciated. Training across the literature and arts is one of the main purposes of the modern humanistic education for the future. The paper also emphasizes the significance of an axiological estimation of people and things in the school system and educational processes.

^ Kopik, Aldona. MENTAL AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN STARTING SCHOOL EDUCATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 61-64. Polish, abstract English: The start of school education is one of the decisive moments in every child's life. There is a need for a clear specification of balance between the developmental possibilities of children and the requirements set by the school. The aim of this research was to specify the level of mental and social development of children starting school education in rural environments. An accurate determination of the level of development (a child's current level and the realm of their most immediate development) and the degree to which the child is ready to start school instruction is a necessary condition for the child to function properly as a pupil.

Kunicki, Bogdan J., Botwina, Ryszard. PRACTICE OF MORAL CHOICE: DEFENSIVE MECHANISMS, DISSONANCE AND CHANGE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 65-67. Polish, abstract English: The text features an attempt to analyze the mechanisms of the practice of moral choice in high school youth. The research is not limited only to recording attitudes but it endeavours to go beyond the set stereotype and it attacks the practice of moral choice through real life situations. Another important aspect of the proposed research method is an experiment concerning the change of attitudes, i.e. a presentation of the strength and scope of the influence that the authority constituted by their parents has on young people’s moral choices. Final statements exemplify the defensive mechanisms employed at making moral choices, their influence on the seriousness of changes and avoiding a cognitive dissonance

^ Leleń, Andrzej. EUROPEAN CULTURE AS A BASIS OF EDUCATION PROCESSES IN THE ERA OF INTEGRATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 68-70. Polish, abstract English: Since the early Middle Ages, Europe has been obsessed with the idea of unification. During the reign of Charles the Great (9th/10th c.) the continent was united by means of Christian values and military force. During the time of the Crusaders (10th – 13th c.) the situation was the same. In the Renaissance the main notion behind the unification was humanism and ancient culture. During the times of the French Revolution (18th c.) and the Russian Revolution pure ideology served this purpose. However, none of these attempts brought the expected results. Europe, on the other hand, suffered the negative consequences and became even more divided. Nowadays, a movement towards integration has gathered pace and become even more visible. As it seems, Europe can be united effectively only by means of common roots which are Christianity and the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. Modern education should concentrate on seeking the common cultural heritage. Only through education based on the European culture and self-awareness concerning national identity and heritage can the process bear the expected fruit. That is why cultural education is gaining more and more importance in modern didactic programmes at all levels of education. What is more, it will enable society of united Europe to live in peace, mutual respect and tolerance.

Leśniewski, Jędrzej. ANDREW BOBOLA‘S LIFE AS THE INSPIRATION FOR EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY OF CHURCH IN EASTERN EUROPE IN THE XXI CENTURY // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 71-73. Polish, abstract English: Andrew Bobola lived in the East of Europe in XVII century. He belonged to Jesuits, who represent opinion, that science and education are very important causes in human life. Bobola afforded his life on education of people (especially in Vilnius) – he was preacher, teacher, and manager of schools. His life may be inspiration for educational activity of Church in the Eastern Europe in the XXI Century.

^ Lyszczyna, Jacek. LITERATURE IN THE AUDIO-VIDEO WORLD // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 75-76. Polish, abstract English: The role played by the literature in the fast growing world of audio-video media is discussed. Literature was a source of popular entertainment in the past, it played also educational role providing moral guidance and rhetorical tools for an educated person. In the Romantic Age literature was considered to be foundations of national wisdom without which the nation could not exist. Modern audio-visual media started to play educational role and provide entertainment, while the literature has remained its position noticed by romantics of creating and recording the conscience not at the national, but on the global scale.

^ Mydlak, Zofia. REORIENTATION ATTITUDE AS CONSTITUENT OF UNIVERSAL VALUES // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 77-79. Polish, abstract English: Attitude of reorientation was attributed among others (originality, discipline, orderliness, word culture, tactful behaviour and smartness) to the constituents of universalism. This attitude and chosen features of individuality (personality disposition) are exposed in the article their applications in quality verification in the academic environment.

^ Noga, Henryk. THE JAKUB MARITAIN’S PERSONALISTIC PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 80-84. Polish, abstract English: The Jakub Maritain’s personalism puts a human personage in the centre. It grounds in an assumption that the personage is the subject of all activity and the subject of upbringing. It tries and gives an answer to a question whom is a man and where is his place among other existences: the nature, the world of things. The answer to these questions allows defining objectives and forms of activities that are undertaken by the man – the personage, activities concerning upbringing processes as well. J. Maritain indicates successive attributes of the personage and also mistakes which should be avoided by educators. He indicates two types of freedom: freedom of the will (choice) and freedom of the spirit (internal) of autonomy. He thinks that the internal freedom of autonomy is rested to everybody, however, it needs constant moral effort and thanks to that the freedom occurs updated. The man obtains the real freedom only in the activity oriented to values.

^ Półturzycki, Józef. VALUES AND THEIR ROLE IN EDUCATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 85-87. Polish, abstract English: Axiology is the theory of values. In education axiology constitutes the fundamental factor for an effective direction of educational action. Good shapes personality, facilitates spiritual growth, encourages sensitivity to others’ needs protects wickedness. Truth allows learning reality and saves hypocrisy. Beauty brings joy. Socialistic pedagogy rejected axiology, but now they come back to values and educational axiology.

Sitarska, Barbara. AXIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF THE ROLES FULFILLED BY CONTEMPORARY TEACHERS IN POLAND // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 88-91. Polish, abstract English: In this paper – after the short introduction to my considerations on the roles of the teachers as leaders and interpreters – I have concentrated on very difficult roles of the teachers in Poland in the period of the transformation on the threshold of the 21st century, the more so as those roles result from the particular axiological situation. So I had to stress in my paper rather romantic and positivistic ethos and style of our teachers, activities.

^ Trybocka, Jadwiga. EMOTIONAL ACTIVITY OF A CHILD AT PRIMARY SCHOOL // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 92-93. Polish, abstract English: An emotional activity of a child at school makes it possible to improve the learning of skills and acquiring knowledge. The activity should be released and supported at the initial stage of development through creative and unconventional teaching methods.

Walewska-Przyjalkowska, Teresa. “EVERYTHING BEGAN IN VILNIUS…”// Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 94-99. Polish, abstract English: An extraordinary history of the miraculous picture of the Victorious Rosary Holy Virgin from Kozielsk, painted in the soviet camp in the years 1940-1941 by the Polish prisoner of war Michal Siemiradzki, a nephew of the well-known painter Henryk Siemiradzki.

Wesołowska, Eugenia Anna. PERSONAL EXAMPLES IN THE PROCESS OF NATIONAL IDENTITY AND HUMANITIES VALUES SHAPING // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 100-102. Polish, abstract English: The author analyses the role of personal examples in the process of school, beyond-school and mass-media education which are so important nowadays. She points out the connection between personal examples and universal values. With the selected examples from the present and the past, the author points at their operating continuity, convergence of their features, and their universal nature.

^ Zeler, Bogdan. EDUCATION AND PHILOSOPHY OF DIALOGUE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 103-106. Polish, abstract English: The report describes the possibility of making use of values presented by the philosophy of dialogue which is particularly important in the period of rapid changes. These values (not only) result from post-modern may of thinking – emphasizing variety, the role of individual, multiplicity of possible solutions, lack of stable paradigms but also exert widespread influence on the process of education. With reference to the example of literary education the author points out the anthropological contexts of comprehension of interpretation of literary text at school. This way of literature teaching leads ultimately to perception of literary text in the axiological context. The particular role of sacrum has also been noticed in such literary education.

^ Nowak, Maria. TRADITIONS OF MOTOR ACTIVITY IN FAMILY // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 108-111. The objective of the work was an attempt to establish participation of parents, children and grandparents in different forms of motor activity and to determine relationships in the behaviour displayed by each generation. In the attempt to define traditions of motor activity in family only those declaring participation in exercises and those not undertaking this activity were taken into account in the present analysis. Information about the grandparents’ participation in motor activity in relation to their housework burden was also indirectly obtained. In the gathering of the material the diagnostic poll method was made use of with the employment of the questionnaire, interview and observation techniques. The assembled material was elaborated qualitatively and statistically to show the frequency of the features and their independence with the help of the chi squared test. The increasing division of household duties in married couples in comparison with their parents’ generation observed in the research provides families with chances to spend time together, share worries, duties and joys. The occurring shift of some of the household duties in the examined generation, mainly from the woman's shoulders to the shoulders of both spouses, gives hope of keeping this tendency and basing the married life on an equal division of duties connected with performing family roles and transferring its healthy lifestyle patterns to the next generation.

Sakowicz, Tadeusz. DYSFUNCTION OF THE FAMILY AS THE OBSTACLE IN THE CORRECT BREEDING AND EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG GENERATION // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 112-114. Polish, abstract English: The correct breeding and education of the contemporary man, as never until now, seems to be dependent upon the family. We are interested in the influence of the family functioning quality upon the behaviour of the children and young people. It is considered generally, that the dysfunctional family generates pathological behaviours. They cause disorders connected with breeding and with education. Therefore the breeding of the young generation depends on the quality of family functioning. Quality of pathological behaviours shows the range of family dysfunction phenomenon. It has consequences for the correct breeding and education. Elaborating the educational programs one must take into consideration the situation of the contemporary family.

Bobeł, Bożena; Szymura, Stefan. IMPORTANCE OF THE CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION METHOD IN THE PROCESS OF REVALIDATING CHILDREN WITH CHILD’S CEREBRAL PALSY // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 116-117. Polish, abstract English: Considering the aim and research problems it was assumed that the Conductive Education Method exercises facilitate the substantial changes in kinaesthetic, mental, and social development, as well as development of perception (visual and auditory), kinaesthetic skill precision, self-dependence, verbal and non-verbal communication of a Child’s Cerebral Palsy patient. The research was conducted in 2002 in the months January/March and covered a group of 16 children with Child’s Cerebral Palsy that attended a Conductive Education Method kindergarten. The kindergarten section is situated in the Child’s Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre ‘St. Celestine’ in Mikoszów. The centre offers widely defined help to handicapped children. It is a non-government institution existing since 1991. The kindergarten group has been trained in the Centre for 14 months. On the basis of research results it can be concluded that, after the whole year of the Conductive Education Method treatment implementation, all parents notice visible and positive changes in their children’s behaviour. 100.0% of the parents of the handicapped children claim that the exercises enhanced the kinaesthetic skills of their child. Parents and therapists agree that such skill as creeping (83.4%), sitting (100.0%) and handling objects (100.0%) increased in a considerable degree. Not all children evidenced the improvement in crawling on all fours (only 50.0%), walking (50.0% as well) or standing up (35.0%). A large percentage of the parents (as many as 83.4%) claim that the Conductive Education Method exercises improved visual perception and kinaesthetic skill precision.

Botwina, Ryszard; Kunicki, Bogdan J. SPORT AS AN EFFICIENT REHABILITATION TOOL. AN EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 118-121. The text presents an experiment conducted in a penal institution in Sieradz involving a group of 104 prisoners. The core of the experiment was a football tournament. The effects of a long-term sporting activity turned out to be sensational. Namely the following goals were achieved: 1) the imprisoned taking up sports activity showed significantly lower level of aggression intensity – in its various forms; 2) under the influence of a long-lasting stimulus in the form of a football tournament, a decline in aggressive behaviour of the imprisoned towards each other, fellow-prisoners and the staff of the institution occurred; 3) the imprisoned participating in the tournament changed their attitudes in the contacts with fellow-prisoners regardless of the prison subculture affiliation; 4) personality traits changed clearly and significantly, which provides ground for claiming that the tournament had a great influence on the psyche of the imprisoned; 5) revaluation of appreciated and worthy of being followed attitudes took place.

Brzezińska, M.; Orowicz, W.; Jalowska, A. THE INFLUENCE OF OBESITY ON LIPIDE PARAMETERS IN THE HUMANS' BLOOD SERUM // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp.122-125. Polish, abstract English: In the papers there were examined lipid’s parameters (triglycerides, total cholesterol, lipoproteins LDL, VLDL, HDL) in blood serum in human with pathological obesity (30 persons) and in good health (check group of 30 persons). Research was led considering sex influence. It shows considerable changes of lipid's metabolism in fat persons especially in liver and points at type II and IV hyperlipidemia.

Dutkiewicz, Ewa; Kryczka, W. THE CONSEQUENCES OF ALCOHOLIC PRACTICES ACCOUNTING PARTICULARLY FOR YOUTH // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp.126-129. Polish, abstract English: The article concerns the medical and social effects of drinking alcohol by children and teenagers. The social and economics transformation brings a lot of socially negative effects. The aim of this study was to evaluate the short-time prognosis of acute liver failure (ALF) in patients with first clinical signs of alcoholic liver disease (ALD). Patients and methods: Between January 1994 and November 2000, 296 consecutive patients (F/M: 53/243; agę 22-75, mean: 46,9±ll,9 yrs) were admitted with first clinical signs of ALD. 52 of them (17,6%) had hepatic encephalopathy and ALF was diagnosed. The ALF patients were divided into two groups: 18 (6,1%) who died (NS) and 34 (11,5%) who survived (SURV). In both groups we analysed the frequency of clinical syndromes associated with liver insufficiency: ascites, gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatorenal syndrome, sepsis and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. Conclusions: 17.6% patients with first clinical signs of alcoholic liver disease developed acute liver failure and 6,1% of them died. Analysed admission laboratory data didn't predict fatal outcome of liver insufficiency. Hospital survival was also similar in women and men. Ascites and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis were observed more often in non-survivor than in survivor patients but renal impairment was the most important predictor of early death.

Eszyk, Jolanta, and Ordys, Dorota. STUDENT'S HOLIDAY PRACTICES IN THE OPINION OF STUDENTS OF THE COLLEGE OF NURSING OF THE SILESIAN MEDICAL ACADEMY IN KATOWICE // Studium Vilnense A. ISSN 1948-7907, 2003, vol. 1, nr 1, pp. 130-133. Polish, abstract English: The nursing is an integral part of the legal and organizational structure of health care including related professions. The education and the professional practicing of nurses are based on values that aim at the health promotion and maintenance, including the health of individuals, families and communities. The research presents collected opinions of practicing students.

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